Scaffold system h


This type of economical, light and functional scaffolding adapts very well to facades or interior patios, designed to simplify assembly. Tubular scaffolding has all the safety measures, requirements of municipal and European regulations, this type of scaffolding responds to access needs, either alone or combined with the MULTIDIRECTIONAL SCAFFOLDING .

sistema almacenadowarehouse Exoandamiajes

Warehouse Exoandamiajes


exterior del sistema Scaffold system h

Real example of H system scaffolding


sistemaH exterior1 H system scaffolding

Vertical H system scaffolding





Exoandamiajes SL, as professionals in the sector, advises you that the assemblies are carried out by qualified personnel for this task. However, trainers in both prevention and scaffold erection are not available to train your own staff if you wish. If you have a detailed budget for scaffolding, or an assembly plan tailored to the needs of your works, contact us and we will contact you quickly. Exoandamiajes has an engineering department that studies your work to advise you at all times which is the most practical and economical solution you need. .

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Approved European scaffolding. scaffolding marks

 Son muchas las marcas de andamio europeo que existen en Europa y el mercado actual. Algunas de ellas de reconocido prestigio y conocidas a nivel mundial.

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Torre Hymer


Andamios móviles de aluminio o Torres móviles

Como se deduce en el nombre, los andamios móviles se refieren a un tipo de sistema de andamios que puede moverse fácilmente de un lugar a otro.

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La fuerza del viento el gran enemigo de los andamios

Una amplia sección de un andamio de grandes proporciones y un muro se han venido abajo en el barrio Baracaldés de Cruces y en Durango.

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