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Marco's European scaffolding

The European closed frame scaffolding has the same functionality and versatility as the scaffolding system H. This scaffolding is designed so that the entire scaffolding assembly can not be manipulated and that the frames block the possibility of moving any part of the scaffolding to establish the platforms to the frames as they are mounted. This model of scaffolding obliges to proceed according to its assembly plan with the use of "mounting protection rails", to ensure the safety of the assembler.


European scaffoldingEuropean scaffolding

Exoandamiajes Warehouse


European scaffolding European scaffolding

Exoandamiajes Warehouse


MARCO EJEMPLOEuropean scaffolding

European scaffolding


European scaffolding Andamio europeo

European scaffolding



Multidirectional Scaffolding

The multidirectional scaffolding is a system that allows different configurations, for example, the width of the scaffold can range from 70 cm to the size you want. You can make step porches, raised platforms at different heights, steps for garage steps, etc. It is much more versatile and its cost is slightly higher than facade systems. This type of scaffolding is very common in sectors related to industry and heritage restoration. Has greater functionality and versatility than the scaffolding is H or closed frame,: In addition to being an ideal complement in the starts of any scaffolding. While the facade systems are limited to the height between work levels at 2m, the multidirectional scaffolding allows us to place the work levels every 50 cm due to the rosettes that make up the verticals.


Multidirectional scaffolding in stockMultidirectional scaffolding

Multidirectional scaffolding in stock.


Multidirectional scaffolding in stocklMultidirectional scaffolding

Multidirectional scaffolding in stock


ejemplo multidireccional Indoor multidirectional scaffolding.

Indoor multidirectional scaffolding.


ejemplo1 multidireccionalOutdoor multidirectional scaffolding

Outdoor multidirectional scaffolding



The multidirectional scaffolding is completely a mechanic of independent pieces. Multidirectional scaffolding provides flexibility for your requirements, even in the most difficult cases and architectural styles with high security features Within the multidirectional scaffolding we include the configuration of staircases for comfortable access to different levels, as well as the configuration of mobile towers. different areas of work. Especially when we want to cover all the walls to be treated at one time.