Multidirectional scaffolding

The multidirectional scaffolding is a system that allows different configurations, for example the width of the scaffold can range from 70 cm to the extent desired. You can perform gateways, elevated platforms at different heights, overhangs for garage entrances etc.

It is much more versatile and the cost is slightly higher than for the facade systems. This type of scaffolding is very common in sectors related to the industry and the restauration of cultural heritage. It has greater functionality and versatility than the H-frame or closed frame, besides being an ideal complement for the beginning of any scaffold. While facade systems have limited the height between working levels at 2m, the multidirectional scaffolding allows placing the working levels every 50cm because of the rosettes that make up the verticals.

multidireccional acopioMultidirectional scaffolding

Multidirectional scaffolding at the warehouse


multidireccional acopio1Multidirectional scaffoldingº

Multidirectional scaffolding in the interior


multidireccional ejemplo ExampleMultidirectional scaffolding assembly

Multidirectional scaffolding assembly


multidireccional ejemplo1Multidirectional scaffolding assembly

Multidirectional scaffolding assembly



The multidirectional scaffolding is a meccano kit of independent parts. Multidirectional scaffolding provides flexibility for your requirements even in the most difficult cases and styles of architecture with high security needs. Within the multidirectional scaffolding we find the configuration of stairways for the convenient access to different levels and the configuration of mobile towers with different working áreas, especially when all the involved parameters have to be we established at one time.