Scaffold, definition:

Scaffolds are a temporary auxiliary structure system or termporary construction for the intented works and can be configured in towers, facades, steps and stages and even bridges. While traditionally wood was the used mterial and even today in some Asian countries bamboo scaffolding ist still being used, today metals, particularly steel and aluminum, are the commonly used materials, although there are also systems made from pvc o plastic materials for locations where metals can’t be employed.

Bamboo scaffolding

Bamboo scaffolding

Still in some Asian countries this material is being used for the strength and flexibility and at the same time represents savings of 30% compared to metal systems.

Old wooden scaffolding

Old wooden scaffolding

This type of scaffolding was formerly used but due to the current safety requirements at work, they are forbidden nowadays.

Tubular scaffolds

Tubular scaffolds

Current tubular scaffolds




Its most common use is to allow access of workers and supplies to all points of a building in construction or undergoing a rehabilitation process, in civil engineering, industrial maintenance or shipbuilding. This is what tubular scaffolding ist intended for but it is also useful for supporting heavy loads or as a Centering system. The scaffold is a system of great versatility and can be used in different sectors and for different purposes. The tubular scaffolding structures can have a variety of heights, being able to reach the desired height, depending on the complexity of the assembly plan and with previous studies of strength and stability, following the instructions for assembly specified in an installation, use, maintenance and disassembly plan.


Generally european scaffolding can be classified als follows:

Scaffolding H-frameScaffolding H-frame

Scaffolding H-frame

This type of economical, lightweight and functional scaffold is particularly useful for facades or inner courtyards.

European frame scaffold European frame scaffold

European frame scaffold

The European frame scaffolding has the same functionality and versatility as the H-frame.

multidireccional ejemplo1 Multidirectional scaffolding

Multidirectional scaffolding

Multidirectional scaffolding facilitates different configurations.