Scaffolding, hoists, construction material

Due to the growing demand for building materials in segundamano, Exoandamiajes has specialized in locating and selling lots of different products according to customer requests. We have lots in stock scaffold approved to LAYHER, ULMA, PERI, TENDO, ENCOMAT, ALBA, MAQUIGESTION EUROPEAN, ALSINA, PUNTALES MULTIMARCA, URBINA, BOARDS TRICAPA, lifting systems brands, MACHINERY DIVERSE PUBLIC WORKS, CRANE, ELEMENTS TRANSPORT, ETC ...

All of our materials are checked and guaranteed for commissioning or use.

Prices range depending on the amount of requested material, make and model and condition of products. Stocks are constantly changing due to the high demand for other countries, please contact us if we do not have the requested product, we located through the collaboration of local companies. Ask for a quote.

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