Rental and mounting of scaffolding


One of our activities focused on the services is the RENTAL AND ASSEMBLY OF SCAFFOLDS, it is practically a turn key in the implementation of scaffolding for a work. Our protocol is as follows:

1. Contact or solicitation of offer by the client.

2. First contact, dialogue and technical advice to the client according to the work needs and characteristics of the work to be done

3. Realization of budget where the assembling / disassembling, rental, transport and, where appropriate, the express direction of the optional address will be included.

4. Once the budget is accepted, a site visit will be carried out to establish the development and modulation of the scaffolding to be installed according to the client's needs and the work to be done.

5. Execution of plans with development of the scaffolding and subsequent cutting of the materials to be supplied.

6. Assembly of the scaffolding according to the regulations in force in safety and instructions or assembly plan of the manufacturer.

7. Once the scaffolding is installed, the execution of the scaffolding will be certified by means of a certificate of conformity, verifying that the required requirements are fulfilled according to the current regulations in tubular scaffolding installations.

8. Issuance of the assembly certificate valid for 15 days. Scaffolding rents begin with the reception certificate.

9. According to current regulations, a biweekly review will be offered to guarantee the optimal condition and minimum safety requirements for the work on the scaffolding.

10. Once the work is done and by order of the client, the scaffolding will be disassembled in the reverse process of assembly.

11. Final verification of work and collection and final cleaning with withdrawal to warehouse.